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Poh Ah Hai

Head Coach

• Member of Singapore Professional Golfer Association (SPGA)

• Achieved National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Certification

• Achieved National Standard for Youth Sports (NSYS) Certification

• MOE -IRS Registered Instructor

Achieved the highest classification of 'Class AAA' available from the Singapore PGA, and he has helped to train other Professionals as well.

Completing various coaching seminars, which includes golf coaching techniques, National Standards for Youth Sports for Coaching in Singapore Schools workshop (NSYS), R&A Golf Rules, basic fitness, physio, First Aids and CPR.

He believes in using the right equipment in building strong basics, which is applicable to the duration of a golfing journey.

A father and coach of Singapore's ex national team representatives, now turned Professionals: Johnson Poh and Joey Poh


Contact : +65 9880 5593 ( For Enquiry : Nancy / Lyn) | +65 9369 4206 (Poh Ah Hai)

Email : honshin@singnet.com.sg